At Quality Property Restoration we understand that your personal property isn’t just “stuff.” Each item holds precious memories and sentiments that we are dedicated to protecting. This is why all of our specialist are thoroughly trained in the proper and latest packing techniques. You will find them using a wide variety of specialized packing materials, customized to fit your individual inventory needs.


During the packout process, our expertly trained inventory specialists will photograph and thoroughly document all of your personal belongings using the insurance company approved inventory program.

At Quality Property Restoration we photograph, tag, and track all personal belongings, ensuring a complete chain of custody throughout the restoration process. This way, property owners know the exact location of all belongings, no matter how small.

In addition to maintaining a complete and detailed inventory record, we will also generate specialized reports for your insurance-carrier in the event your items been damaged due to the loss.All property owners will receive a copy of the detailed inventory report, including photographs, for future use.


All personal property will be stored in an insured unit, which in most cases, can remain directly on site during the restoration process. In the event that HOA or other restrictions prohibit on site storage, the unit(s) can be relocated to a climate controlled warehouse.


After your property restoration is complete, we will assist in putting everything back in its place. Our team can help as much, or as little as you need. Furniture items will be returned to their original locations using our inventory management system; however, if you decide that you would like items moved to a different room, we can definitely accommodate. When packback is complete, your project manager will do a final walk through with you to assess the job. We will not leave until you sign off that all of your belongings have been returned to your home, in the same condition as when we packed them up.

Content Restoration

We offer content restoration services, as contents are often damaged by fire, flood, and mold. While damage is sometimes irreversible, smoke, water and even mold damaged items can often be salvaged. Using the latest technology, we can take your items off site to clean and restore them to their pre-loss condition by the top specialists in each field. (textile, wood, electronics, etc.)